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MyStrands for Windows 0.7.3 Beta


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MyStrands for Windows
Discover new music, build playlists, and follow your friends’ music choices with MyStrands, from MusicStrands. MyStrands connects you to great music recommendations and to people who can share and expand your tastes in music, all through your desktop music player.

Try it out! Download a free copy of MyStrands and play a track in iTunes or WMP. You’ll see instant recommendations and links to sample songs, right on your desktop. Open the community window to see MyStrands users who are playing or have recently played the same track as you. Check out a user’s play history, and click tracks shown to hear a 30-second clip. Sign up to follow the music of people who share your tastes, and create an expanding circle of musical friends.

MyStrands helps you rediscover gems in your personal music library. Pick a track, album, or artist, and let MyStrands use it to build a playlist from your collection. Save the playlist to your music player or upload it to share with the MusicStrands community. MyStrands’ playlist builder uses MusicStrands’ recommendation engine to match tracks in your library with the aggregate music tastes of the of the entire MusicStrands community world (or at least as much of the world as we can learn about). It bases its playlist suggestions on how people really listen to and arrange their music.

Do you like tagging music for special activities? MyStrands lets you apply your favorite tags to tracks in your library, then build playlists based on those tags. At a loss for words? See popular community tags for inspiration. You can even build playlists based on tags that MusicStrands community members have applied to tracks that show up in your collection. Are any of your tracks tagged “best song in the world” or “lost treasures” by other listeners? Check out the MyStrands Tag Cloud feature, and see how the world categorizes your tunes.

MyStrands is available free from We invite you to download it today.
Windows 2000, Windows XP
MyStrands for Windows
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Author: MusicStrands, Inc.
License: Freeware
File Size: 2.0 MB
Downloads: 52

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